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Parent Update – September 4, 2009

September 4, 2009

Hello everyone,

President Obama’s Speech to America’s School Children

On Wednesday afternoon, we received notification from the Ohio Department of Education that President Obama will be speaking, via the Internet, to American’s School Children on Tuesday, September 8, at noon.  According to the Ohio Department of Education, the President is expected to challenge students to work hard, set educational goals and take responsibility for their learning.

Unfortunately, the time that has been chosen (noon) falls directly into the time slot when a large number of our students are either eating lunch or at recess.  As such, it is our plan to record the President’s message.  By taping the President’s message, our teachers and building principals will then have the ability to review the message and determine the appropriate grade levels and curriculum areas for later viewing of this Presidential address.

Additionally, approximately 40 parents have telephoned or emailed the District and expressed concern about having their children listen to the President’s message.

Should any parent desire that their child not view this recording of the President’s address, we ask that you contact your child’s building principal in order to make your desires known.

Energy for Education III

The Olmsted Falls School District is continually looking for ways to stretch our financial resources.  As such, I want to make you aware that on August 26th, the Board of Education approved a resolution allowing the school system to become part of a program called Energy for Education III.

Energy for Education III is a program developed by the Ohio Schools Council, which will create a consortium of over 200 school districts who together will “bulk purchase” electricity.  This consortium rate of 5.1 cents per kilowatt hour is almost 2 cents cheaper (per kilowatt hour) than the market rate for residential purchase.

Previously, the Olmsted Falls School District was a participant in the Energy for Education I and II programs.  Additionally, the District also participates in group purchasing for natural gas and gasoline.

Rumor Mill –  5th Grade Band and Field Trips

Recently, I have been asked by about a half dozen different parents if 5th grade band was a casualty of the District’s Educational Reduction Plan.  There is a belief that 5th grade band will not be offered this year due to the District reducing our overall music staff by one teacher.  The answer to that question is no.  Presently, no changes have been made to the 5th grade band program and the program will make its normal appearance in late fall.

Another rumor mill topic that I would like to address is Field Trips.  It is true that field trips were eliminated due to the failure of the past two levies.  However, due to the generosity and hard work of our various PTA units, one field trip per grade level (K-8) has been funded.  Thank You Olmsted Falls PTA.

Did You Know #1

As you know, the District recently opened its new Intermediate School (on time and slightly under budget).  Did you know that even though we now have 80,000 additional sq. feet, that no additional personnel have been hired.  Rather, in order to ensure the new Intermediate School is kept clean and sanitary, the District utilized financial proceeds from the construction fund to purchase new maintenance equipment that allows both the Intermediate School and Middle School to be cleaned with fewer overall employees.

Did You Know #2

Now that the Intermediate School construction project is wrapping up, work is beginning on the addition to Olmsted Falls Middle School.  As a reminder, this project will be financed with the $7.7 million dollars the District obtained a year ago from the Ohio Schools Facilities Commission.

Levy Meeting overview

I want to thank those who attended the Levy Information meeting on Wednesday evening.  Approximately 85 persons were in attendance.

I want to make you aware that the PowerPoint presentation, which provides important facts about the District’s financial operation, can be viewed by clicking here.

Did You Know #3

Did you know that according to the Ohio Department of Education that the Olmsted Falls School District’s expenditure per student is the 4th lowest in Cuyahoga County?  It should be noted that the amount our district spent per pupil was less than half of what other District’s in the county spent per student.  Finally, even with this fact, our District still managed to achieve a perfect report card rating.  We, as a community, should all be very proud of this accomplishment.

Have a great and relaxing holiday weekend,

Dr. Todd T. Hoadley, Superintendent

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  1. Mercedez Hathcock
    September 4, 2009 at 2:52 pm

    Thank you to all the Olmsted Falls PTA’s for working hard this summer to find a way to retain one field trip per grade (K-8). Your efforts are worthy and our students will benefit!

  2. Cindy Grove
    September 7, 2009 at 2:37 pm

    Thank you to Dr. Hoadley for providing the very helpful updates on so many important topics that affect our schools and children. The new Intermediate School is so wonderful and the floor plan is great for the staff and students. I know that the Middle School addition will also be very beneficial too. Thank you to the Olmsted Falls PTAs for the field trips and all they do for our schools!

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