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Parent Update – October 27, 2009

October 26, 2009

New Levy Video

Thank you to the members of the Pride in Olmsted Schools campaign.  Here is another video promoting our school system.  Click here to watch.

High School Quiz Bowl Update

On Saturday, October 24, our High School Academic Team traveled to Lancaster for the Golden Shamrock Academic Tournament.  Twenty-four teams from all over the state of Ohio participated in this event. This competition was conducted under the Ohio Academic Challenge rules, which means that teams earn 1 or 2 points per correct answer.

Our A Team (Jim Coury, Mike Coury, Chris Traylor, and Michaela Killik) finished the tournament in second place.  Their only loss for the day was in the finals to Copley 28-31.

Our B Team (Eric Miranda, Pam Keller, Tom Hoy, Sohan Vertek) made it out of the preliminary rounds to make playoff status.  In the quarter final round, our B Team faced off against our A Team where they were eliminated from the tournament.

Congratulations to our Bulldog Quiz bowlers.

Members of OFHS Academic Team

Members of OFHS Academic Team display their 2nd place trophy from the Golden Shamrock Academic Tournament this past weekend.

Flu Update

From last week’s Blog posts, you are aware that the District has been experiencing higher than normal absentee rates due to various illnesses.  Yesterday, 485 of our 3,800 students were absent from school.

It appears that students in our Middle School and Intermediate school are beginning to get past this illness surge.  However, more children at Falls-Lenox and the Early Childhood Center are now ill.

Yesterday, the number and percentage of students absent at District buildings were:

High School (133 absent) 11.5%

Middle School (87 absent) 10.0%

Intermediate School (64 absent) 11.3%

Falls Lenox (148 absent) 16.9%

Early Childhood Center (53 absent) 16.7%

Again, the best way for parents to help ensure against a mass flu outbreak is to please keep sick children home and allow them to fully recover before returning to school.

Did You Know

In Ohio, when a property tax levy is approved by voters, the millage rate is instantaneously converted to a fixed dollar amount.  Then, over time, as the overall valuation of a community increases, the county auditor rolls back the original millage rate so that the levy produces the original amount of money for the school district.

Case in point, in Olmsted Falls, since the 12.9 mill operating levy was passed in 1999, the millage rate for that levy has now been rolled back so that it is now collecting 9.737926 mills.

This practice of “rolling back” voted property tax millage was created by the Ohio Legislature in 1976 with the passage of House Bill 920.  For more information on HB 920 and its affect on school districts, please click here.

Five Year Financial Forecast

Twice per year, our District Treasurer, Mark Hullman, creates a 5-year financial forecast for the school district.  By law, this document must be submitted to the Ohio Department of Education by May 31st and October 31st.

This 5-Year financial forecast shows the District’s annual total revenue and total expenditures for the past 3 fiscal years.  Additionally, this document must “predict” the District’s total annual revenues and total annual expenditures for this fiscal year as well as the next four fiscal years.

On Thursday, October 22nd, the Olmsted Falls Board of Education officially approved an updated version of our District’s 5-year financial forecast.  A copy of this document has been placed on our District website.  To view this document, please click here.

As you will see from this document, if the District does not secure additional revenue, it will be out of money at some point during the 2010-2011 school year.  Since it is not legal for a school district to end the year with a negative financial balance, additional cuts to personnel and services would have to be made in order to stave off this deficit.

Why Buy a School Lunch

In addition to being both convenient and nutritious, purchasing a breakfast or lunch at school can also save you money.  Click here for additional information.

OFHS Swim Boosters

A parent meeting for the OFHS swim boosters will be held on Thursday, October 29th at 6:00 PM.  For more information, please click here.

Sun Post-Herald Article of OFHS Golfers

In case you missed the recent article on the success of our OFHS golf team, which was recently highlighted in the Sun Post-Herald, please click here.

OFHS National Merit

Olmsted Falls High School is proud to recognize six students who have achieved status with the National Merit Scholarship Program. The National Merit Scholarship Program is based upon outstanding performance on the PSAT. Approximately 1.5 million students from 21,000 high schools across the country took the PSAT last October. Senior Alex New has been named a National Merit Semi-Finalist (one of only 16,000 students to achieve this status nationwide).

Seniors Brandan Bookman, Adam Broski, Steffany Meredyk, Holly Miller and Adam Sokol were recognized as National Merit Commended Students (only 34,000 nationwide). These academically talented seniors were recognized by Olmsted Falls High School Principal Dr. Robert Hill and members of the Board of Education at the October 22, 2009 Board of Education meeting.

OFHS 2009 Merit Scholars with Board of Ed -Supt -Principal

Six OFHS students who recently received National Merit recognition were honored at the October 22nd school board meeting.

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