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Parent Update – November 24, 2009

November 24, 2009

Transportation Changes – Effective January 4, 2010

As a result of the past three levy failures, Olmsted Falls schools will be reducing school bus transportation to state minimums.  Last week, letters were mailed to parents who live within the two mile zone of the school in which their child attends notifying them that bus service will be discontinued.  As a parent, if you feel that you received this letter in error, please contact the Olmsted Falls bus garage at 427-6350.  The OFCS transportation department will remeasure, if necessary, to ensure accuracy.

A second change that will go into effect as of January 4, 2010 is the elimination of Alternative Transportation requests.  Under state minimum busing, all students receiving transportation services will be assigned to the bus stop nearest their residence.  Please note that any student, currently using a private shuttle service to and/or from a day care / child care provider will still be able to do so.

Additionally, students in grades 1-3 who are already on-site at Falls-Lenox will be able to continue to take advantage of the walking escort provided by Kids First and the Olmsted Community Center. However, the reduced bus routing will no longer utilize Falls-Lenox as a transfer hub.  Therefore, students in other grade levels will no longer have access to the Kids First / Olmsted Community Center walking escort at Falls-Lenox.

Please watch for additional information that may be sent directly from your child’s school regarding any changes in drop-off / pick-up procedures due to the anticipated increase in traffic at the building sites.  You may be asked to verify private pick-up / escort arrangements for your child at the individual building level.  Please direct any specific questions to the main office at your child’s school.

We hope that providing you with this advanced notification will allow you ample time to make alternate arrangements for transporting your child to/from school beginning Monday, January 4, 2010.  It is our sincere hope that passage of the next operating levy, which has been placed on the February 2, 2010 ballot, will provide the additional funding needed to allow us to restore our District’s busing services. 

A Transportation Information Meeting will be held on Saturday, December 12th at 10:00 a.m. in the High School Auditorium to answer any logistical questions regarding the changes in transportation services.

Levy Campaign Meeting

Over 150 persons attended the levy campaign meeting, held this past Sunday evening, at OFHS.  I want to thank our community for this strong turnout.

The emphasis again on this campaign will be to ensure that all residents have the information needed to cast an informed vote.  Additionally, since this is a February election and the weather is always an unknown during this time of year, the campaign committee is encouraging all parents to vote by absentee ballot.  If you are interested in voting by absentee ballot, please email Kim Petrina (kpetrina@ofcs.net) and the necessary paperwork will be delivered to your home.

Additionally, while the turnout was strong at Sunday’s meeting, the levy campaign is still in need of volunteers.  I would strongly encourage all parents to become part of this campaign.  Please contact Kim Petrina (kpetrina@ofcs.net) for more information.

Middle School Students Learn the Benefits of Physical Exercise

Recently, Olmsted Falls Middle School hosted “Activity Day” in the physical education classes, in correlation with the Ohio Department of Transportation’s “Walk to School” program.

Approximately 800 students participated in this Activity Day.  Each student participated in a 40-minute time period, while wearing pedometers, in a variety of activities designed to improve their cardiovascular fitness and endurance levels. The goal of this program is to show students that exercise can be enjoyable and can occur in many places around our community.

Students had the opportunity to select one activity: Pedometer Basketball; The Amazing Race (walk/run scavenger hunt), Pedometer Soccer, and the Fitness Challenge. All pedometer steps were recorded, and prizes were given out to the students who recorded the most steps during the period.

Also as a part of this activity, an essay contest was conducted.  In this contest, students were encouraged to “go green” and discuss the benefits of physical activity while at the same time explaining how alternate forms of transportation (walking, bike riding) help the environment.

2009 Boys and Girls Foundation Basketball Game

On Friday, November 20th, the OFHS boys and girls varsity basketball teams each participated in the 2009 Foundation Basketball game at North Ridgeville High School.  This event was scheduled as a way to raise money for local charities.

I would personally like to thank our head coaches (Pat Donahue – boys basketball and Matt Fulton – girls basketball) for their efforts with this worthwhile event.  This event raised:

• 534 non – perishable food items for the North Ridgeville Community Care facility;

• $874 for the North Ridgeville Community Care facility;

• OFHS student athletes spent time volunteering at the North Ridgeville Community Care facility helping with inventory and packaging of the donated items.

A 2010 Foundation game will be played at Olmsted Falls High School and the charitable donations for this event will benefit the people in need in the Olmsted Falls and Olmsted Township areas.

SWC All-Conference Golf Selections

Congratulations to the following OFHS golfers who have received All-SWC honors for their efforts this past Fall Sports Season:

Boys Golf:

1st Team

Steve Johnson (9th Grade)

2nd Team

Eric Chaney (11th Grade)

Honorable Mention

Neil McGrew (12th Grade)

Cory Daugherty (11th Grade)

Girls Golf

Honorable Mention

Taylor Eyssen (11th Grade)

Kristin Holland (11th Grade)

Relay For Life

Did you know that a Relay for Life event will be held this June 12-13, 2010 at OFHS.  If you are interested in forming a team and participating in this event, please contact Lisa Brady (216-870-2856) or Michelle LaGruth (440-235-9611).  For more information about Relay for Life, please click here.

Did You Know – The Cost of Dropping Out of School?

$292,000.  That is the cost incurred by taxpayers for each dropout over their lifetime in terms of lost earnings, and therefore lower taxes paid and higher spending for social costs including incarceration, health care, and welfare.  “The Consequences of Dropping Out of High School” report, released in October 2009 by the Center for Labor Market Studies at Boston’s Northeastern University, offers a sobering look at the dropout crisis.

  1. Mom
    November 24, 2009 at 12:00 pm

    Falls-Lenox will no longer be a transportation hub? I reside out of the 2 mile zone & I have children at ECC & Falls-Lenox- does this mean they will be taking seperate buses home now?

  2. November 24, 2009 at 12:20 pm

    Because of anticipated traffic congestion at Falls-Lenox, the transportation hub will be moved to the Middle School.

    Students from Falls-Lenox and the Early Childhood Center will be shuttled to the Middle School and there, join the students from the Intermediate School for transportation to home.

  3. C
    November 24, 2009 at 1:10 pm

    Will there be an alternative date set for the Transportation mtg? Saturday 12/12 will not work for us.

    • November 25, 2009 at 11:02 am

      Presently, December 12 is the only scheduled meeting.

      I would suggest calling the Bus garage if you have specific questions regarding transportation or calling your child’s principal if you have specific questions regarding the new pick up and drop off procedures at the various school facilities.

  4. caks4
    November 24, 2009 at 6:35 pm

    I have a better idea, I think whoever did not vote for the levy should not have busing..

    • Niki
      November 25, 2009 at 2:01 pm

      I agree!!!

  5. Mom2
    November 24, 2009 at 8:48 pm

    Will a.m. Kindergartners now have to transfer busses at the Middle School? If so, will they transer onto the same number busses (#74 and #77) to take them to ECC in the morning?

    • November 24, 2009 at 10:18 pm

      No, there is no “hub” for the noon time Kindergarten bus routes. Therefore no transferring of buses during this time of day.

  6. OFMOM
    November 24, 2009 at 11:33 pm

    I am extremely upset over this whole fiasco!I voted for the levy every time it was on the ballot.Now my child will no longer get a bus ride.Why would anybody in this community vote against our kids?because that is what keeps happening!Wake up people!

  7. noelle333
    November 25, 2009 at 9:21 am

    Hi! I’m not sure if you’ve covered this in your communications but if we live outside the 2 mile point, will our bus stops change or will they be consolidated with other bus stops? If they will be consolidated, when will we know what our new bus stops will be? Thanks.

    • November 25, 2009 at 10:26 am

      Noelle, your child’s bus stop will likely change and the location of the new bus stop will be communicated to you (most likely in a letter mailed to your home) in mid-December.

      As part of the reductions, the number of overall bus stops will be greatly reduced. The personnel at the bus garage are currently working to determine the locations of these new bus stops. Once their work is completed and approved, this information will be communicated to parents.

      • noelle333
        November 25, 2009 at 11:03 am

        OK, Thanks very much for your response!

  8. Eric
    November 25, 2009 at 1:26 pm

    Will Children that live in apartments outside the 2 mile range be bused? If yes, why? Those parents are not paying property taxes like I do to have my children bused. Why do parents that own homes have to pay for parents who move to this community for the schools but opt to live in apartments.. They are the ones who should have to change their lives in order to get their children to school.

  9. Just a mom
    November 26, 2009 at 8:54 am

    Here is a better suggestion:
    If you have not talked with your neighbors since you moved in or at least six months, go knock on the doors and make yourself known. People will lend a hand to help if you ask – it may not be the one next to you, but someone on your street may have the same situation as you do and they may have good solutions. Instead of venting your anger on this site and pointing fingers at everyone who voted for/against, it’s time to come up with the solution to your issues. I want to share with you that we have to do it on our street and you would not believe the positive feedback from our neighbors and among 10 children we have in our area, only two parents have to change their working schedule, one day a week.

    It’s time to reach out to your fellow Americans – you know I truly believe what we as people can do – I have come to this country based on that firm belief that this country has much compassion and empathy toward our friends and neighbors, during this hard time, it proves again that I was not wrong. I know we are all hurt and impacted by this economy and the financial meltdown everywhere, but really, “REACH OUT” to people in your neighborhood and find the Can-Do spirits!!

    Dr. Hoadley, if you do not mind, evidently, passing the levy will be a continued education to the parents and community that is struggling, will you be able to become the “Hub” for resource sharing? Obviously, the communication of the mailers about busing cut will be out in December, there’s time to draw help from parents who are looking for alternatives for carpooling – if you can somehow help the parents streamline other possible resources other than announcing the news of bus cut, levy not passed, and answering the questions (which I think has been quite helpful), you are also part of this community residents who are also a parent, you can understand those parents “trapped” feelings due to the levy-related issues.

    Despite the feedback on this blog, I want to close with much thoughtful prayers for all of us who live here. As I have seen some of my neighbors lost their jobs this year, one had heart attack, one died of cancer, a few deaths in my family and several of my co-workers passed away due to aggressive cancer, I thank God for His grace to keep my family and many of our friends and neighbors’ together. Everyone is fighting some sort of battle daily, and I want to let you know that I feel for all of us who misunderstand and/or have been misunderstood.

    Have a very Blessed Thanksgiving to all of you.

  10. 30 yr resident
    November 28, 2009 at 8:22 pm

    Eric, do you really think that the people that live in the apts. in this community don’t pay taxes? Obviously you’ve never rented before. The rent goes up just like your taxes go up when a school levy passes. Just because renters don’t pay property taxes directly, doesn’t mean they don’t pay taxes. The mngmt. pays property taxes for those properties… And where do you think they get their monies from? Do your homework Sir. That is a fallacy. Everyone pays taxes. This is not the kind of thinking that this community needs. Students are students no matter where they live. This is about our children!

    • Eric
      December 2, 2009 at 5:55 pm

      what type of taxes do you think they actually pay compared to residents who own homes? You should do your homework.. I know the owner of Oakwood apartments off of Stearns and he states that approx. $25.00 come out of the rent each month for taxes. Pretty good for excellent shools and a bus ride.. Think that’s fair..And yes is it about our children..The children who will be attending these schools and graduating from this system.

      • 30 yr resident
        December 3, 2009 at 11:17 am

        Well sir, it just goes to show you how fortunate you are to enjoy the privacy of what you’re paying for. Apt. dwellers on the other hand do not have that same privacy. And so they are not charged for that. Hmmm, lets see, a 3X9 balcony, or 150X200sq. ft lot. Again, it’s about our children. They didn’t choose there dwellings.

  11. B
    November 30, 2009 at 2:39 pm

    I thought that there was a stipulation that there needs to be adequate sidewalks for students to walk on for the students who live inside the 2 mile range. Although we are within 2 miles, there are no sidewalks on Fitch Road. Doesn’t this pose a danger to my child – a kindergardner no less – (who will need to walk potentially in the street) and myself and other child who need to walk him to school? Please explain, and/or list where I find the specifics to the busing code. Thank you.

    • December 1, 2009 at 5:38 pm

      Here is a copy and paste of my comments to a similar question on November 17th:

      Please understand that there is a difference between what is legally (ORC 34327.01) required for a school district to provide as it comes to transportation, and what is safe when it comes to students (who live within two miles of their school of attendance) getting to and from school.

      State law (ORC 3327.01) requires school districts to provide transportation services to students who live more than two miles from the school which they attend.

      Over the years, Olmsted Falls schools has gone over and above this minimum standard and transported all students, regardless of the distance of their home location to their school of attendance. We have been very happy to provide this high level of service to parents and parents have expressed appreciation as well.

      Under the legal umbrella of minimum transportation services, if the student lives within two miles of the school he/she attends, it is now the parent’s responsibility to provide transportation services for their child to and from school.

      For parents who live within this two mile zone, it will be their decision, as parents, as to what is deemed safe or unsafe as per how they, as parents, decide to allow their children to get to and from school.

      Some parents will choose for their children to walk to school (regardless of the presence or absence of sidewalks), some will arrange for carpools, and some will transport their children themselves on a daily basis.

      In this end, for families living within this two mile zone, it will be the parent’s decision as to how their children get to and from school.

      The hard part in all of this is that with the working schedules of many parents, several families will be put into an extremely difficult position as to how they decide to get their children safely to and from school. The District can empathize with this difficult decision.

      Over the past 18 months, the District has been working to attempt to get an operating levy passed. It has also attempted to clearly communicate what the reductions would have to be if a new operating levy is not passed. Already, 10 1/2 teaching positions have been eliminated, a compensation freeze has been enacted, budgets have been frozen, and field trips have been eliminated.

      These have been very difficult decisions as a slow dismantling of this school system is currently underway.

  12. Lillian
    December 1, 2009 at 12:12 pm

    Dr. Hoadley, I just got off the phone with Mr. George and I am extremely concerned with his response to my question and am hoping that he may have been misinformed. I have children that live outside of the two mile zone but have been using the alternate transportation to utilize our sitter. Since and my husband and I both work fulltime and the failure of the levy (for which we both voted for, btw), we are forced to make alternate arrangements for their pick up (to retain the sitter we have had for over 7 years). I asked Mr. George if you still plan on having the person who picks up the child(ren) wait in the Cafetorium and sign them out and he said yes. Please tell me that this won’t be the case?? I told him that this seems a bit ridiculous given the increase in those parents (or driving service) who will now have to pick up their child(ren). If this is actually true, where is one going to park? How long is one expected to wait to sign out? What about if I am having a sitter pick them up a couple of days and then have them take their bus home another couple of days? Is this going to be acceptable and will we need to write notes everyday? I know this may be addressed with the next letter (I just got the first one yesterday), but in case not, then please advise.

    • Michele Gilbride
      December 3, 2009 at 11:01 am

      Lillian…I too am looking for answers to those disturbing questions. I simply cannot fathom how we are expected to “guess” what time to leave the house in the morning (for drop off and AM K p/u) as well as in the afternoons. I have two children to transport to two different schools. I know that traffic will be a very important factor and I don’t think our current procedures for either the ECC or F/L will be able to handle the new onslaught of vehicles. If we arrive too early, we will be inevitably compounding the congestion as we wait for the doors to open and if we are late, well then obviously the children’s attendance records will suffer needlessly.

      I also heard that pick ups will require us to park, go in and sign out the children as is the current status quo. I am anxiously awaiting the solution to that dilemma.

      I have family in Indiana that drive their children to school daily. The schools had adults outside coordinating the drop offs and pick ups so that the parent’s weren’t required to park and go in.

      This entire situation has been weighing heavily on my mind this entire “Holiday” season. I wish, rather than cancelling the busing altogether for those of us that choose to live near our schools, we were at least given the option to pay for services. I know I for one would’ve welcomed that chance given this as an alternative.

    • December 3, 2009 at 12:28 pm


      Parents picking up their children after school at Falls-Lenox will not be asked to park their car and come inside to sign their child out. This would not be reasonable and would only lead to more frustration by all involved.

      However, parents will still be required during the school day at Falls-Lenox to park their car and come inside to sign a student out of school (for such things as a mid-day doctors appointment).

      The ECC, Falls-Lenox, OFIS, and OFMS are finalizing their plans for designated pick-up and drop-off locations for each building. This information will be communicated to parents early next week.

  13. Diane
    December 2, 2009 at 10:58 am

    If anyone has figured out away to corrrespond with other parents who may need help with carpooling. Please respond.. I have a neighbor who is desperately looking for a ride for her child from Falls to home. She is newer to the area and does not know too many people. She would be able to transport the children to school in the morning.. She lives on Redwood…Thanks

    • Mom of 2
      December 3, 2009 at 11:05 am

      Maybe through the Olmsted Pride group on Facebook? I’m sorry I can’t help you any further as I don’t live there or know anyone who does. Good luck.

    • December 3, 2009 at 12:35 pm

      Diane – I have taken several emails from parents in this situation. I have suggested that these parents contact the principal of the building where their child attends school. The District would be happy to share the names of parents / students who live in the same general proximity. That will allow parents to contact other parents who live in the same area in an attempt to set up carpools or make other transportation arrangements.

      This information is called Directory information and it readily available to parents by contacting the school.

  14. Michelle
    December 3, 2009 at 12:23 pm

    To everyone out there with the busing problem, all of this information has been delivered in a very SIMPLE fashion, the levy failed and now everyone is in an uproar because there are no longer buses. What part of the whole campaign did you not understand, I have to find a way for my son also because of the people in this community who chose to cut off their noses to spite their face, and the I’ll fix them attitude. I couldn’t afford the hike anymore than the next family as a single parent, but I chose to put my child first and was willing to go without for him. Maybe next time we will all put are children first to benefit them and to make our lives easier and have the busing implemented again. Think before act?

  15. Silent no More
    December 3, 2009 at 12:27 pm

    Dr. Hoadley,

    Maybe your underlying intent here is to create a big traffic jam near the schools during the peak morning rush times. This will make it miserable for many going to/from work…delays for all I’m sure. You think this will cause them to vote yes for the levy next time around? I think it will work, because it is going to get ugly out there. Congrats. My wife and I voted yes, for the record.

    What you don’t realize is how unfairly this impacts families in the district. The sub-divisions outside of the 2 mile range are unaffected…you know, all of the Mc-Mansions….they still get their bussing. Being that this levy is based on a percentage of a homes value…the Mc-Mansion people obviously will pay more tax than the rest of us. That’s why they are voting no.

    But you now punish the rest of us with smaller homes closer to the schools. I live just inside the 2-mile zone…giving me either one of 4 options.

    Option 1: Tell my kids to walk to school. Last time I looked there weren’t a lot of sidewalks on much of the route my kids would take. Throw some snow into the mix and add the possibility of strangers/nutjobs…this is not a realistic option, at least not a responsible one. All it would take is for one kid to get hit by a car, abducted, etc. Is this really worth it? I feel the school system is setting itself up for a big lawsuit down the road. You guys are compromising the safety of our kids. Better to raise money/cut programs through various other means than to cut the bussing of our kids.

    Option 2: My wife will have to get a 15 month old up every morning at o’dark thirty…drop my 7 year old off at Falls/Lennox…then continue with our 6 year old to the Early Childhood Center. And I’m sure the traffic situation around each school will be horrific. So don’t expect at least one of my kids to be on time, with the traffic and all. What if my wife worked? I’m sure there are plenty of moms’s out there that do.

    Option 3: Move out of the district. Believe it or not, I would do just that to avoid the hardship this is going to put on my family. However, this is very cost prohibitive.

    Option 4: Sue the school district, class-action style with a bunch of other families in a similar position. Extreme…maybe, however there are always people who may consider this based on the risk to their kid’s health/life during their 2-mile walk to school. I’m lucky my wife can drive my kids…hassle? Yes, but what about the other kids who have no other options but to walk up to 2 miles? Is that safe?

    I have heard that there was considerable waste during the construction of the school. Initially union workers hired…. Then dropped for non-union workers. I’ve been told by my electrician buddy that you all had to bring the union guys back to correct the problems from the work of the non-union guys….how much did that run? How many union family votes did that cost the school district? Not trying to bash you here because you seem very sincere about the schools…but cutting bussing when there are numerous other areas to cut was not the right move in my opinion.

    • December 3, 2009 at 8:09 pm

      There is no “underlying intent to create a big traffic jam” in order to cause people to vote yes. I hope you understand how many financial reductions have been made by the District over the past 2 years, both before and during the 3 levy failures, in an attempt to avoid the impending reductions in transportation services.

      10 1/2 teaching positions have been eliminated, 3 part time administrative positions have been eliminated, High School busing was eliminated, District paid field trips have been eliminated, and a compensation freeze has been enacted on all District employees. Again, all of the financial reductions listed above, as well as many others, have been enacted before these upcoming reductions in transportation.

      Over the past year, literally thousands of hours have been spent by community members campaigning to pass an operating levy in order to prevent these issues. The District has hosted numerous information meetings (both during the evening and weekend), residents have opened up their homes and invited neighbors in to hear members of the Board of Education and Administration share information on District finances. However, in the end, 3 operating levies have been turned down over the past year and the District has not passed an operating levy since 1999.

      Spending by the Olmsted Falls School district is is 4th lowest of the 31 school districts in Cuyahoga county. There are school districts in this county that spend more than twice the amount per student than we do here at OFCS.

      Finally, I need to correct the misinformation you have been given in your post regarding the “considerable waste” of the District’s construction projects. This information in your post is absolutely false and I would ask you to question the source of this information as this person is either misinformed or he/she is simply lying to you.

      The District recently opened a new Intermediate school. Despite a very aggressive construction schedule, the building opened on time and UNDER BUDGET. There were no contractors hired and dropped, this simply is false information.

      Additionally, the current Middle School construction project, which is being funded by a $7.7 million dollar grant obtained from the Ohio School Facility Commission by district administrators is both ahead of schedule and under budget as well.

    • Mom of 2
      December 4, 2009 at 6:19 am

      McMansions- haha. I live in one of those subdivisions you speak of and maybe my house is newer but it is certainly not a mansion. And for the record my husband and I voted for the levy and so did all the friends and neighbors we know who live in those “McMansions” too. You really should get your faacts straight- or maybe stay silent again.

      • Silent no more
        December 4, 2009 at 1:44 pm

        Mom of 2,

        Just curious, will you continue to get bus service at your home for your kids?

        If yes, try to put yourself in other people’s shoes before telling me to be silent. The Mcmansion comment was a general term…do you think I think every house outside of 2 miles is a Mcmansion? Of course not, and vice-versa. But I would say there are a significant number of homes that are appraised higher for tax purposes outside of the 2 mile ring.

        Also, Dr. Hoadley, thanks for the response. Perhaps my source was wrong on the union comment, I will check. However, my thoughts parallel those of Concerned Bulldog Parent in the text below.

      • Mom of 2
        December 4, 2009 at 5:55 pm

        Yes my kids will still get busing but it most certainly will NOT be AT my home like your question stated. The latest information I have is that their stops will be a half a mile away from my home. So looks like I will have to drive them to their stop now- how much difference is that from you driving them to school? We are ALL being inconvenienced. You should try taking your own advice and put YOURSELF in other peoples shoes.

  16. Concerned
    December 3, 2009 at 3:38 pm

    I am concerned that if the levy doesn’t pass my 5 year old who will be in kindergarten will not be able to get to and from day care. My husband and I both work and if he will not be able to get transportation I will have to quit my job ( meaning less money coming into my household) to be able to stay home to get him on and off the bus. Now if the problem is money how am I going to pay more taxes if I have to quit my job as a teacher to stay home. Just was wondering if there are others with this same dilemma?

  17. Concerned Bulldog Parent
    December 3, 2009 at 7:17 pm

    The savings of $1,000 a day multiplied by 180 days seem insignificant and a creative group of leadership should be able to make up that amount of funding through other measures: negotiating better costs with their suppliers for food service, office supplies, reducing or eliminating the number of papers that are sent home daily with our children. It is great that the staff has agreed to wage freezes, however many parents and families have faced pay cuts during these economic times. Shortened work weeks, unpaid time off, and salary reductions are all a reality today if you still have a job. Has the district thought about a 2-3% pay cut for all staff. I am sure that the board could come up with a way to save $180,000 over the course of the school year. BTW we voted for the levy.

    • December 3, 2009 at 8:37 pm

      Over the past year, many residents have submitted ideas for decreasing District expenses. In every case, due consideration is given to every suggestion. The District understands, and greatly respects that our schools are funded by hard-earned taxpayer dollars and with that comes a very high responsibility for prudence.

      However, in an attempt to maintain the high standards for excellence in education that our community expects from its schools, many suggested financial reductions are simply not feasible.

      The dilemma facing the District is not simply an expenditure issue, it is also a revenue issue. We, as a community, need to understand and respect both sides of this financial equation.

      Spending by the Olmsted Falls School district is is 4th lowest of the 31 school districts in Cuyahoga county. There are school districts in this county that spend more than twice the amount per student per year than we do here at OFCS. Yet, over the past decade, the educational excellence produced by the employees and students of this school system is in the top 2% of all school districts in the state of Ohio.

      State Law requires school districts to be in operation 180 days per year. Going to a 4 day work week versus a 5 day work week does not change the legal requirement that students still need to be educated for 180 days per year. With this legal requirement, a shortened work week simply does not help District finances.

      Regarding forced unpaid leaves, someone must monitor the classroom while a teacher is on unpaid leave. I guess a substitute teacher could be hired and brought for a day or so, but the corresponding drop in the quality of educational services would simply not be worth the financial savings.

      In regard to negotiating better costs from suppliers, I have previously written in this blog that the District is a member of the Ohio Schools Council, a cooperative purchasing consortium. This is a consortium of over 200 Ohio school districts who have grouped together to create leverage buying power and thus stretch taxpayer dollars utilized by schools.

      Please refer to the September 4th and September 22nd blog posts for additional information on this topic. The District purchases many supplies as well as larger ticket items such as electricity and natural gas in a consortium model with over 200 other Ohio School Districts.

      In the end, the impending transportation reductions, which will save approximately $180K per year, are being made after many other reductions have already been made. 10 1/2 teaching positions have been eliminated, 3 part time administrative positions have been eliminated, High School busing was eliminated, District paid field trips have been eliminated, and a compensation freeze has been enacted on all District employees.

      Again, all of the financial reductions listed above, as well as many others, have been enacted before these upcoming reductions in transportation. These reductions total more than a $1,000,000 and again, all of these were enacted before state minimum busing standards were implemented for students in grades K – 8.

  18. Michele Gilbride
    December 5, 2009 at 3:32 pm

    Mom of 2 :
    Yes my kids will still get busing but it most certainly will NOT be AT my home like your question stated. The latest information I have is that their stops will be a half a mile away from my home. So looks like I will have to drive them to their stop now- how much difference is that from you driving them to school? We are ALL being inconvenienced. You should try taking your own advice and put YOURSELF in other peoples shoes.

    Momof2…I’m a mom of 3 and I must say that I would welcome the option to drive both of my children, who btw go to two different schools, to a bus stop rather than fight a traffic jam 3 times a day in the winter with a 1 y.o. who should be in bed sleeping/napping. I understand we are both affected, however I can understand “Silent’s” anger over the total loss of transportation. I also wonder, should there be a day when I wish to sell my home, if the transportation is still at state minimums how the value of my home will be affected. I can tell you all this…it won’t be a positive! Given our current situation and future reductions if the next levy doesn’t pass, moving may just be something I have to consider for my children’s sake.

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